Kick off the Isle of Wight Carnival Season with Newport Carnival!
Main: 7pm 20th July 2024 | Illuminated: 9pm 22nd August 2024

Here’s to Newport Carnival 2024! We welcome our committee for the season ahead


Last week Newport Carnival held their annual general meeting which saw a great turnout as we agreed on who’s taking up which role for the year ahead.

🔶 Chair – Paddy McHugh

🔶 Vice Chair – Helen Norsworthy & Shane Thornton

🔶 Secretary – Chelsea Milton

🔶 Treasurer – Grant Norsworthy

🔶 Royalty Team Lead – Isobel Norsworthy

🔶 Safe Guarding Officer – Beverly Blake

🔶 Head Steward – Rob Keywood

🔶 Content Marketing Manager – Shane Thornton

Shirley Smart who has been a part of Newport Carnival for a very long time remains as lifelong president.

We say a big farewell to Karen Gering who has been a great asset to Newport Carnival since 2009 taking the role of treasurer. She has now decided to step down from Newport, knowing it is in safe hands with such a strong committee and she plans to spend time with her grandchildren.

On behalf of the Newport Carnival team, we all wish her the very best of luck and hope she enjoys a more relaxed life without putting up with the carnival bunch…

Paddy McHugh, Chair for Newport Carnival for the 3rd year, is grateful to be nominated to be in charge for another year. He says:

“I am so honoured to be wearing the red Newport Carnival polo shirt for another year as chair.

“I have been helping organise carnivals for 38 years, part of Newport for 10 of those years, and it was a great honour to have taken over from the late June Winchcombe who was the heart and soul of Newport for over 2 decades.

“Helen remains as being vice-chair for the second year, with Shane stepping in to help out as and when. Chelsea has stepped in as secretary for her first year, and Grant has volunteered himself to be our new treasurer which we are grateful for as he takes over the role of Karen. Isobel will now take the role of Royalty Team Lead, and Beverly Blake will now be our designated Safeguarding Officer. Rob Keywood will remain as Head Steward and Shane will continue his role as Content Marketing Manager making sure our social media, website and advertising are all up together as well as taking up the second Vice-Chair position.

“I am so grateful to have such a strong committee, all putting in so much time and effort in helping keep Newport alive, like myself, we all have other commitments, full-time jobs and families to look after, but every one of the team has their quirk, they all have their forte that they fulfil and fulfil above and beyond.

“I look forward to working alongside my fellow committee members throughout 2024 in supporting all of the events under the Newport Carnival & Community Events Association umbrella.  

“Here is to another great year, and we hope everyone comes and supports us for another fantastic season… Let’s keep our fingers crossed the weather will be kinder for the events industry this year.”

Also on the Newport Carnival committee for 2024 are Natalie Warren, Vix Lowthion, Dana Edkins-Wherry, Kathy Adcock & Terrie Ford who also fulfil very vital roles stepping in here and there, where they can.

The Isle of Wight Carnival dates can be found on our website

Newport Main – 20th July

Newport Illuminated – 22nd August

Christmas Parade – 7th December

Don’t forget to check out our popular Riverfest event which is taking place on the 11th of May.

Royalty Selection Night details will be released in due course, however, the date we are planning on is 5th April.

Car boot sales are due to commence again when the weather improves, the first car boot date will be announced in due course, also, however, is likely to be Easter Sunday.

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